Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Make Laura Dern Cry


If Laura Dern were my friend, I would always be finding ways to make her cry. I mean, the face that woman makes when she cries! It's hysterical!

I could sneak into her bedroom closet at night and whisper "He put his disease in me!" through the closet doors.

Oh, how I'd laugh when she started to bawl!

Then she'd realize I got her again, and she'd laugh too, and then we'd bake a pie. What a delight, being Laura Dern's friend!



you r cracking me up.

that is just awful. (but funny)

Glenn Dunks said...

I'd bake a pie with Laura Dern!

And yes, awful, but funny!

Unknown said...

What movie is that from?
I like the movie with Nicholas Cage, and they run away and her mom is a weirdo, and something about Elvis. I dunno.

Jason Adams said...

It's from Blue Velvet.

The Elvis-tinged movie with Nic Cage is David Lynch's other Laura Dern film, Wild At Heart, with an astonishing scenery-chomp by Diane Ladd as The Craziest Mother Ever.