Tuesday, March 28, 2006

7 More Days


Brokeback Mountain (a film I haven't mentioned in... days!!! The horror!) comes out on DVD in just seven short days. One week, and I can watch it whenever I like!

So I should probably also announce that, in seven days, this blog will be no more. I won't be writing in here again. Or, actually, I won't be writing anywhere again. I'm probably going to give up sleep as well. And food has this funny way of sometimes getting in the way of one's eyes, so I won't be able to eat anymore either. Oh, and food makes you have to go to the bathroom too, so it's definitely out - I couldn't have that interrupting my Jack Twist time.

So yeah, basically, as of seven days from now, I'm gonna be getting all Terri Schiavo and shit. Best say your goodbyes now!



i already have my copy --woo hoo...

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