Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Zane Phillips Two Times

Wow it's been quiet in here today -- apologies! And right before a holiday too -- I should get my shit together and entertain you people before disappearing for five days. Feel free to curse and jinx me as retribution -- I've got so many jinxes and curses already what's a few more? Seriously though I left the house twice on Saturday and both times -- BOTH TIMES -- a bird pooped on me. What does it mean??? Anyway talk of bird excrement aside these are some fine photos of Zane Phillips ain't they? As if this man is capable of not being fine. There are more right here. All of that said I was actually working on something to share with you fine people soon whilst I've been not here not blogging, so maybe I will have that to share soon. Stay tuned.  There will be at least a little more posting of note before tomorrow is through and we're off for the weekend, I promise. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't decide if Zane is actually getting hotter as he gets older or if he and his photographers have learned how to work the magic better.

Have a great weekend.