Wednesday, July 10, 2024

He's Chasing Tornados, I'm Just Waiting Calmly

I am just going to leave this photo of Glen Powell in a wet white t-shirt in the upcoming movie Twisters here for absolutely no reason at all while I run off to a screening... I will give you one guess in the comments as to what movie I am seeing. This is a tough one! Choose wisely! Anyway I'll be back in a few hours. Given the weather probably wearing a wet t-shirt of my own, but you'll just have to imagine that - I won't be posting pictures. Unlike that wanton harlot.


Anonymous said...

Nice Tabitha Johansson reference.

VRCooper said...

With rumors of a weekend three-way in recent weekends, having a business meeting with Tom Cruise, along with drinking the Kool Aide of Scientology, cock teasing us, and other character-identifying actions, I am just through with him.

Anonymous said...


"With rumors of a weekend three-way in recent weekends, having a business meeting with Tom Cruise..."

Are these two things connected?

Jason Adams said...

I am a little confused re: the threeway sentence myself - are you saying he had a threeway? Why would anyone care about that? Glen Powell should be having threeways every day. I volunteer to literally slice myself in half in order to be the next one.

I agree re: his Tom Cruise love though. If he becomes a Scientologist I will indeed be done.

VRCooper said...


@Jason Adams

Let me clear up the mess I made.

All incidences are separate:

*Three-day weekend being a sex doll. And keeping other obligations.

*Meeting with Tom Cruise and a producer. The blip I read sounded like Tom was holding court. And Glen needed Tom's blessing.

*Glen and Tom have been reported spending more and more time together. There are rumors of Scientology recruiting.

I am just being pissy/flippant. It's none of my business what Glen does as long he is happy. I see so many times when increased fame comes knocking and we see the true colors come out. I have always believed that money/fame only enhances what is already there.

Glen is a sexy man. Just stop the body shaving. Be a decent human being. Whatever that means to him.

I hope I cleared up things.

VRCooper said...

Should read "And NOT keeping other obligations."