Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Good Morning, Owen Teague Twenty-Two Times

At the start of June I reviewed a movie called Griffin In Summer that premiered at Tribeca -- I absolutely and totally adored the film, it was my favorite at the fest, and I wasn't alone because it won the award for the Best Narrative Feature from the fest itself. The movie's about a tween named Griffin (Everett Blunck) who falls in love with the much older handyman (played by Owen Teague) that his mom (Melanie Lynskey) hires, and as I said here at MNPP when linking to my review the film had me suffering much the same fate -- I am now crushing like mad on Owen Teague. 

So imagine my joy, my ebullience, when I opened the internet this morning and this extremely gratuitous and plentiful photoshoot of Owen for Behind the Blinds magazine greeted me the very first thing! Yes this is the second grand Blinds photoshoot in as many days -- see Arnaud Valois yesterday -- somebody over there deserves a raise. Anyway it's one hell of a hot set of photos so let's just get them them! Hit the jump... 

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Baby Ben Whishaw vibes