Monday, July 01, 2024

Femme For Home

Excellent news for physical media lovers who also happen to like seeing actors George Mackay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett have lots of gay sex -- their queer thriller Femme, about a drag queen getting complicated (and sexy) revenge on the closet-case who bashed him, is getting a proper beautiful blu-ray release thanks to Vinegar Syndrome! Click here and you can pre-order the movie right now -- VS usually takes a couple of months to ship things so I can't give a proper "release date" but when you get it eventually it'll be worth it as they really do their movies up proper. Here is my review of the movie -- I knew I'd eventually have a movie where I'm quoted in the trailer get onto VS and today is that day! As a rabid physical media nerd this brings me a fresh kind of joy. Anyway this movie is terrific, MNPP recommended!

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