Monday, July 08, 2024

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Pearl (2022)

Pearl: Is it legal?
The Projectionist: Doing it, yeah. Filming it, no.

A happy 31 to David Corenswet, who can be seen in Twisters next week (holla) and who'll be offering up a whole different flying sensation next year when James Gunn's fresh new Superman movie comes out -- it was pretty much predestined the first minute we saw David in Ryan Murphy's Netflix series Hollywood that he was manufactured in a factory to play Superman, and I'm happy that turned out better for him than it did for Matt Bomer. (Not that I feel bad in any way for Matt Bomer -- he is Matt Bomer.) I suppose I should hedge my bets and not be so pre-enthusiastic about his casting a full year-plus out -- this movie very well could suck -- but I like to be positive. Especially where beautiful men are involved. (See all of our previous David Corenswet posts here if you need a lot of cold hard proof re: that fact.)

Anyway it's also timely to look back at Pearl today obviously since the third film in Ti West's trilogy MaXXXine came out over this past weekend -- and read my very disappointed thoughts on that film here if you missed them. As I did mention there I did see the movie a second time over the weekend and sad to say it only underlined my issues with the film, which is handily the weakest of the trilogy -- there's just no sustained tension, no emotional development. It's just a bunch of stuff happening while Mia Goth remains cool as shit. I did add a couple extraneous positive thoughts to a Twitter thread I have going -- basically the movie is kind of interesting on a subtextual level because it feels like a movie about being trapped in the horror genre and wanting to break free. But I might just be galaxy-braining all that, looking for some way to make sense of the slop heap they released.

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