Monday, June 24, 2024

Ye Ancient Vampyr Approacheth

It's here! The first teaser trailer for Roberts Eggers' Nosferatu has arrived -- I know it screened alongside The Bikeriders in theaters this past weekend and I was pretty tempted to go just for the trailer and then leave but I'm not that much of a crazy person. Not when it's over 90 degrees outside anyway. But this is my number one most anticipated movie of the rest of the year obviously -- I've been following Eggers' attempts at getting this made ever since I saw The Witch and learned who Robert Eggers was back in 2015 -- and this looks perfect, absolutely perfect. There's a mix of the Muranu's original film, there's some of Herzog going on, and a hefty dash of Francis Ford Coppola I'd say too! 

But I think Eggers is a strong enough filmmaker to make this his own -- it's been his dream project since even before I knew who he was, after all. And he's got a maniacally sexy cast on hand with Bill Skarsgård, Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Lily Rose-Depp, and Willem Dafoe. This teaser is just under two minutes long and doesn't give much away save our first proper looks at many of the characters in movement -- except notably there is no direct look at Skarsgård's titular vamp. They be saving him! Anyway I won't be watching or posting any more trailers after this so enjoy this while you got it:

Nosferatu us out, hilariously, on Christmas Day! How merry!

ETA they also just dropped this new image of Nichols Hoult and Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking goddamned spiffy (click to embiggen)


das buut said...

How very sanitary the imagery is. Everyone looks so nice and tone, even the sick waif of a girl with the watery voice.

There is someone recent, I forget where and whom, but they said that many of today's stars do not have a face for period dramas. They are too instagram. It takes one out of the moment, like Keanu's accent.

There's no passion here and everyone plays their part by rote. It feels very by the book.

Anonymous said...

The Witch was brilliant, a truly great film. The Lighthouse was good, but it didn't take me anyplace I didn't expect. The Northman, not great. I'm not holding out much hope for Nosferatu. I think big money has weakened Eggers artistry. I hope I'm wrong.