Wednesday, June 19, 2024

We're Cuckoo For Coon

If you don't already love Carrie Coon then you're not doing it right. The woman can act, the woman can wear big hats, the woman can opine on the superiority of physical media -- she's got it all, kids! And so we take note when she gets a proper showcase for her talents, and Lake George, a new neo-noir that just premiered at Tribeca, is plenty proper. Here is my review at Pajiba. The film stars her and the terribly underappreciated Shea Whigham and it's a showcase for him too! Two for one, baby. 


bdog said...

I love Shea. He looks like a man who knows his way around an undercarriage

Spideu137 said...

She and Paul Mescal had two of the greatest acting scenes in "The Leftovers" and "Normal People," respectively. All timers. I say this as I watch "Aftersun" for the hundredth time.