Thursday, June 27, 2024

Let's Hear It For The Paperboy

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman are reuniting in a movie for Netflix this weekend called A Family Affair, for the first time since Lee Daniels' The Paperboy in 2012... so naturally I had to write about The Paperboy. How could I not? Head on over to Mashable where I make the case in this movie's defense -- I genuinely think it's Daniels' best movie, and preciesly because of the way it deliberately wields camp. We should appreciate Daniels more dammit!


Tom M said...

I remember seeing it in a basically empty theater...and eating it up with a big, plastic, potato salad serving spoon.

mrripley said...

Has it's reputation grown or is it still loathed,I think Kidman's phenomenal in it.

Shawny said...

I'm watching A Family Affair. It's vaguely charming enough to keep my interest, but it's like a Nancy Meyers flick, all fake and plasticky, including the faces of Zac and Nicole.