Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Killed Her Mommy

There's an investigative piece at The Wrap today on what went toes up with Bryan Fuller's reimagining of the Friday the 13th movies with A24 into a series to be called Crystal Lake -- there are all sorts of at-odds sources so it's not the clearest picture of what happened, but knowing some insider info myself lemme just say, listen to the people on the ground working on the show and not the people representing the money. A good rule of thumb that we all should know by now is this -- the money people are not to be trusted. Anyway even though I did indeed know a lot of the background there was one thing I did not know -- Charlize Theron was going to play Pamela Voorhees! WHAT???

Now I'm even more furious that A24 and Universal botched this so spectacularly. There's one tidbit in the piece that really stuck in my craw -- they poured one and a half times as much budget into Park Chan-wook's The Sympathizer than they were willing to pour into Crystal Lake, and I can guarantee to you that the latter would've had a life-span of about ten times as long as the former. And I say that as one of Park Chan-wook's biggest fans. Just dumb dumb dumb suits mucking everything up. Of course Crystal Lake supposedly isn't dead itself -- they might ressurect it with another team. Best of luck with that. Goddammit sometimes I just don't want to know about the awesomeness I'm being denied. Ignorance is bliss!

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