Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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Black Bear (2020)

Allison: I figured if I never learn how to cook
then I would never become a housewife.

A happy 40th birthday to Aubrey Plaza today! I don't remember much about Black Bear except I liked it and Christopher Abbott was (per usual) sexy in it -- I should give it another watch. It is one of those movies that got lost in the pandemic (it premiered at Sundance in January of 2020, and then... well you know what "and then") and didn't get much attention after that. Anyway we love Aubrey, of course we do, but let's be real -- the real reason we're going out of our way to wish her a happy birthday today is so we can scream about John Waters' currently-in-the-air return to filmmaking -- he wants her to star in his adaptation of his book Liarmouth, and she wants to do it, but nobody's yet given them the budget to make it. This would be a killer birthday present for Aubrey! And for me too -- my birthday is in just a couple of weeks and this is also what I want!

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Matt said...

To be fair, I just watched Unfrosted last night and it was funny.

But it’s a disgrace that Waters can’t get a budget for his movie.