Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Who Wore It Best?

No sooner did I write my post about Josh O'Connor joining the third Knives Out movie than did Andrew Scott also join the cast -- if ever there was news to force me to post twice about the same damned unmade movie in one day this is it. Andrew Scott and Daniel Craig have faced off before -- Scott was in the 007 movie Spectre...

... not that I remember anything about Spectre or who he played in Spectre or what happened in Spectre, but I know he was in it. I think he was a bad guy? Anyway I'm sure Daniel Craig has leverage when it comes to casting these movies now so I'm glad to see he's up for reuniting with Andrew! And yes obviously now I am mentally updating my post about Josh O'Connor being Benoit's love interest to this being a love triangle. Let's make it the gayest Knives Out movie ever! Come on, Rian! In summation, I must of course now ask:

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