Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Theo & Aaron Rob Me Blind

If I'd just been a Patient Patty I could've shared some Theo James news to go along with those Theo James photos I dropped this morning -- unfortunately I have no Patient Patty within me, and here we are. Forcfed to stare at another picture of Theo James! The torment of it all. Anyway the news -- Theo is going to star alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson (and yes I will give you a moment to clean your pants before moving on -- all good?) in Fuze, a heist movie about the modern day discovery of an unexploded WWII-era bomb giving some dudes the perfect cover to do some robbin' (thx Max). The movie will be directed by Hell or High Water's David Mackenzie -- and I know a lot of people liked HOHW but it left me pretty cold. But Mackenzie also directed Outlaw King and he got Chris Pine to show his dick in that so he's on my good side. Do it again, Davey! Filming will begin on Fuze in July -- probably after Aaron finishes shooting Danny Boyle's zombie-sequel 28 Years Later, which he was spotted on the set of this very week!

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Jake said...

The best he's ever looked! Hairy,sweaty, hot stink and hot as fuck!