Thursday, May 09, 2024

Good Morning, World

I have officially resigned myself to the fact that the photographers of this Jamie Dornan photoshoot for Arena Homme+ that I have been sharing piecemeal all week (see here and my god see here) are just going to keep doing just that -- releasing it piecemeal, one (or in the case of today, two) photo(s) per day. I have made my peace with the piecemeal! Of course we know what that means -- they won't release any tomorrow. I have jinxed us. Or maybe we will finally get the entire shoot? Who know, the world is in chaos. So let's just enjoy Jamie and his beard and his curls and when offered his calves (my god, his calves) and just take these moments and be with them. Take a breath and be, everybody. Jesus these photos are turning me spiritual. Quick say something filthy, Jason -- look out Jamie I'm a'gonna slobber on your knob! (That's what I came up with? Eesh.) Anyway. Good morning, everybody!

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