Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Dalton Rises

I guess it makes sense that Amazon Prime would greenlight a sequel to Jake Gyllenhaal's Road House re-do since they've been touting the streaming numbers for it ever since it came out -- it appears to've been a massive hit for them. It just didn't even occur to me for some reason -- not until I saw them announce it on Twitter this morning (see down below). Maybe because I was so indifferent to the movie that I couldn't even be bothered to write a review, save a few scant words including "meh." That said I sure did post a lot about the movie -- granted it was mainly about Jake's workout routine. But I'll gladly go through that a second time! Click here for all of our posts. Obviously we'll post more when there's more news to know. Do we think Doug Liman will return to the director's chair? He seemed so irritated with the whole streaming thing. Who would you hire to direct if not? I say let's get Luca Guadagnino in there -- he just proved he could make a sports movie worth watching with Challengers. And he and Jake almost worked together once before. Picture it: Luca Guadagninio's Road House 2. Why not? The world's gone nuts anyway. 


Victor said...

Dear God, I would really appreciate the opportunity to rub down those pecks just one time....just one time that's all i'm asking for. Amen.

joel65913 said...

I wish I could say I'm excited for a follow up but the first one stank on ice. So unless they reimagine it in some way (in other words have an actual entertaining story to tack on Jake's massive shoulders) I'll probably pass on it.

ferretrick said...

Two words: Ryan Murphy. The plot will be completely random and absolute WTF but he will know how to make use of Jake's physique.