Thursday, May 09, 2024

Arcadian in 300 Words or Less

I have just right this minute made a pact with myself that whenever Nicolas Cage gives a performance that steers clear of his typical eye-bugging Cage-isms that I need to and will acknowledge it, because it's behavior that demands encouragement -- not to equate an Oscar-winning actor with an animal but whoosa good boy, whoosa good boy, you are, Nicolas Cage, you are, in the new and quite creepy creature-feature Arcadian. Did this movie get any theatrical release at all? I hadn't heard of it until this week when some people I trust on Twitter started mentioning it -- specifically that it has some of the best monster designs that they've seen in awhile, and monster-head that I am you will grab my attention with such claims. And hey, they was right! 

The monsters in this are nearly impossible to get a handle on, which I mean as a compliment -- they boggle the mind in the best of Lovecraftian manners, making them all the scarier because you are never quite sure what they're capable of. If I had to put them into words I'd say they're part monkey part ostrich, but with... surprises. Shudder

Anyway the film itself (from director Benjamin Brewer, who previously worked with Cage on the 2016 film The Trust) is clearly beholden to A Quiet Place with its tale of a family (including It's Jaeden Martell) just trying to maintain itself in a post-apocalyptic land overrun with monsters. But I would re-watch Arcadian well before I'd re-watch the vastly overrated AQP -- Arcadian doesn't bog itself down in needless exposition (see AQP's infamous whiteboard) and it knows how to actually shock and sustain tension. Plus Cage giving a movingly restrained turn! A totally solid screamer! 


sissyinhwd said...

It played here in LA for a week. About a month ago.

I watched it last night and liked it ok. Cage is "out of it" for a good while but the two sons carried it fairly well.

And YES the monsters are nasty.

Jason Adams said...

Give me a good monster and I will forgive SO MUCH. That was also part of my problem with A Quiet Place actually - the monsters are really boring seen-that-before designs. They're basically Stranger Things monsters. Loved how every time you thought you had a handle on the monsters in Arcadian some new WTF happened, like the belly splitting open or the WHEELS they formed into to travel. Ahhhh it had me screaming with the fun of it

Anonymous said...

Well, Netflix’s “Mother of the Bride” was disappointing. It had a beautiful setting and a sexy cast —- ohh Benjamin Bratt 🥵🥵🥵🥵—— but the nudity was not there. The plot was lackluster, as expected, but I was hoping for more of a treat in the skin department to balance it out. Sigh.