Monday, May 06, 2024

All of Us Strangers Blu-ray Alert!

Picture it -- you're laying on the couch with either Andrew Scott or Paul Mescal and you're trying to figure out what to watch. Yes yes in this theoretical exercise you would "watch" something instead of fucking their brains out; I know it's hard to imagine, but just go with me. What better thing to watch than Andrew Haigh's masterpiece All of Us Strangers right? Well fucking ALAS, because if you're in the U.S. Disney has basically said fuck you, they're not putting the movie out on physical media at all. I KNOW. But today an answer has answered our cries -- the movie IS getting a release in the U.K. and not just that -- the blu-ray is region-free so it will play in any old blu-ray player here in the U.S. just fine. Angel choirs have erupted in your head right? Me too, me too! Pre-rder the disc right here on Amazon UK -- it's out there on June 17th, right in the thick of Pride Month, just as it should be. Now to celebrate I will allow you to move your thought expirment onto its next phase -- fucking the brains out of Paul Mescal and/or Andrew Scott. For celebration, of course! Awesome news.

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