Friday, April 12, 2024

Sasquatch Sunset in 150 Words or Less

You will believe in Sasquatch! You will see in Sasquatch! You will hear and you will most definitely smell in Sasquatch too! From esteemed weirdos David and Nathan Zellner (see also Damsel and Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter -- no seriously see both of those movies, they absolutely own) -- comes Sasquatch Sunset, a weirdly deeply moving and fluid-filled imagining of what the final days of the Bigfoot people would look like, if the Bigfoot people were real and also Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg in elaborately convincing Bigfoot people costumes and make-up. Commiting to its bit so fully that you can't help but believe that that's an actual sasquatch fingering its sasquatch pussy right in front of you, this movie is totally deranged and I love it like it was a new limb that had sprouted up suddenly out of my body. Sasquatch is sublime, sick, and cinema itself. 

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