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Storytelling (2001)

Mikey: Consuelo, what is rape exactly?
Consuelo: It is when you love someone and they 
don't love you and you do something about it.
Mikey: Sometimes I think my parents don't love me.
Consuelo: Well when you get older
you can do something about it.

Heads-up that a difficult Todd Solondz movie to watch -- and I don't mean difficult because of the content, although that's often true for a lot of people when it comes to Todd Solondz and this one certainly has its moments! -- 2001's Storytelling is finally landing on blu-ray in July! You can pre-order it right here. I'm a big fan (duhh) and of course this blu news comes a few months after I finally broke down and bought an overpriced DVD of it. That's always the way! 

Anyway it doesn't say anything about special features and I doubt anybody is splurging on making this happen but let's all form a non-religious prayer circle to summon up some deleted scenes including the cut third of the film that Solondz has spoken about -- the lost chapter that he filmed starring James Van Der Beek as a closeted football player that involved "a graphic gay-sex scene." Also supposedly Welcome to the Dollhouse star Heather Matarazzo was in it too. Gimme! 

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Shawny said...

Okay, that a nasty scene with JVDB is somewhere out's a crime