Wednesday, April 10, 2024

28 Hunnams Later

I don't know how reliable this source is (I've never heard of them before) but since it allows me the opportunity to share a photo of Charlie Hunnam I don't care -- take it with a grain of salt until some place more legit reports it but there are rumors (via, thx Mac) that our boy Charlie is in talks to co-star in Danny Boyle's forthcoming 28 Days Later trilogy-capper 28 Years Later. Also in talks (supposedly) -- Ralph Fiennes and Jodie Comer. They would join the already confirmed Cillian Murphy, who is returning to the zombie franchise after not being a part of the second (and itself terrific) movie. I'm down with all of these names so let's hope this holds up. I'm surprised that Charlie's never been in a Danny Boyle movie before this honestly -- he seems a natural fit. It's easy to picture him having been in Sunshine or popping up in the Trainspotting sequel. 

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