Friday, February 09, 2024

Over the Ocean and Thru the Woods

Say howdy there to the extremely handsome actor Chuku Modu, who stars in a brand new horror movie that is out in theaters today called Out of Darkness -- it's about a Stone Age era tribe of nomadic folks (Chuku plays their leader) who get more than they bargained for when they go looking for paradise in the harsh reality of, you know, the fucking Stone Age. The film is simple and wonderfully effective and if you'd like further elaboration on that click over to Pajiba where I wrote a whole review of the thing. I'm not sure how many theaters this is dropping in but if it does happen to be playing near you I very much recommend seeking it out! 

Especially on the big screen because its use of sound and of the titular darkness is a big part of what makes it work, and watching it at home with your phone shining in your face and taking bathroom breaks will do the movie, which uses the cumulative effect of isolation and paranoia to achieve its creepy power, a real disservice. All that said I don't want to oversell it either -- it's very much a B-movie. But one of the better B-movies we've gotten in some time and the filmmakers are very much people we should be paying attention to. Here, watch the trailer:

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