Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Pics of the Day

The first two images from David Cronenberg's next movie The Shrouds have arrived thanks to some rag called  Cahiers du Cinéma (via) -- that's Vincent Cassel on the left of course but apparently that's Diane Kruger on the right? I don't even recognize her. Amazing what some short wavy hair will do. Click here for my previous post on this movie, which is about a man whose wife dies and "the incapacity to cope with the loss of a loved one." Sounds cheery! No word on a definitive release for thi syet but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing it's expected to premiere at Cannes? Cahiers having this first look makes perfect sense then.

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Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard for some reason. I was like, "Is that Noomi Rapace?" I guess that I should've "embiggened" as you like to say. Still not certain I would've come up with Diane Kruger that quickly...and I'm a fan!