Monday, January 29, 2024

Jonny On Orgasms & Brokeback Mountain

Ooh today is coming in hard and fast -- do you hear me, Jonathan Bailey, coming hard and fast! -- because no sooner had I posted that Oliver Jackson-Cohen photoshoot then did I see a new Jonathan Bailey photoshoot for Interview magazine! But even better -- Jonny is chatting with his Crashing co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and listening to the two is just like firecrackers popping off. Here's a choice bit where PWB asks him about if there were any gay romances he had on-screen to learn from:

"Unfortunately, there just weren’t that many were there growing up... but I met Matthew Rhys recently, who I just love. And I was thinking about that relationship in Brothers and Sisters. And then there was Queer as Folk. Russell, T. Davies changed the game. So many people owe so much to him just purely for visibility. There is no Tim and Hawk to a 2023 audience without Queer as Folk.... 

Speaking of history, I was doing media studies with an amazing teacher and I decided that I was going to do my dissertation about the representations of Hutus and Tutsis and the Rwanda genocide, looking at Hotel Rwanda and Shooting Dogs. And then Brokeback Mountain came out and I was like, “Hang on, how can I possibly create a world where I can go and have a free pass to go to the cinema to watch it 10 times?” I’m really proud of my 17-year-old self, I wasn’t necessarily out, but I changed the topic to representation of homosexuality in Brokeback Mountain and I watched that film 10 times. And this amazing teacher, Dr. Brunton, who probably had an idea of what was going on, was just like, “This is brilliant, keep going, keep going.” And I think it was the best mark I ever got."

There's also a lot of talk of eye-fucking strangers and orgasms and everything you want to hear Jonathan Bailey talk about so make sure you go read the entire thing. But first here I have the photos for you after the jump...

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