Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Lone Star (1996)

Otis: It's not like there's a line between the good people
and the bad people. It is not like you're one or the other.

A happy day for us movie nerds as a criminally underrated and underappreciated gem of 90s cinema is getting its proper due with John Sayles' Lone Star hitting 4K Criterion blu-ray today! I haven't seen this since I was in college so I'm dying to tear this sucker open and give it another spin -- looking through his filmography this had to be the first time I ever saw Chris Cooper in anything (which is a good reminder that I still have never seen the 1993 movie This Boy's Life with Dicaprio & De Niro alongside Cooper in there somewhere) and I immediately remember him leaving an impression. (I also remember Matthew McConaughey, in a uniform and still thick in his sweaty beefy hot Texan phase, leaving an impression.) Any fans of this movie out there?


Jeff said...

I think this had the line when the deputy? is saying her parents got over her fiancé being black because at least she wasn't a lesbian: "It's good to see one prejudice defeated by a deeper prejudice." Love that.

Anonymous said...

Great flick!

Jason Adams said...

Jeff -- it does, I almost used that line for this post. Good stuff.