Friday, December 08, 2023

The Sounds of Miss Bella Baxter

I tried to hold off on collecting vinyl for as long as I possibly could because I know myself and I knew the habit would become as obsessive as my VHS to DVD to blu-ray to 4K journey has been. Alas I finally broke down a couple of years ago, and I've got just under 400 records now -- not the world's largest collection by any means but when actual living space is at such a premium, given that I live in a New York City apartment with another human being, well, all of this collecting is straining toward a breaking point. Thankfully that day is not today though, because Waxwork Records -- the best in the biz for those of us whose vinyl collecting tends toward the movie soundtrack genre -- has today put the soundtrack for Yorgos Lanthimos' new movie Poor Things onto pre-order on vinyl. Grab your copy here if you're so inclined -- I haven't really posted about vinyl releases much here (hence that preamble) so I don't even know if any of this interests any of you! But that's not a thing that's stopped me from rambling before and I'm not going to let it stop me today. 

Poor Things
is coincidentally (I doubt it was a coincidence) hitting theaters today! It is very very good, one of Yorgos' best movies (which is saying a lot since I don't think the fellow has made a bad movie to date) -- here is my review from NYFF. Emma Stone gives probably my favorite female performance of the year? I haven't actually mapped that question out yet but I think that's true. Anyway the score from composer Jerskin Fendrix that's on the above-mentioned record is definitely one of my favorite scores of the year. And I'm not just saying that now -- I tweeted it weeks ago! I have receipts.

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