Friday, December 15, 2023


I don't know how Alexander Skarsgård finds the time -- it seems like he does so much and yet I never grow tired of him? Hmm I wonder why. But here he is with another hefty sounding project that he will star in -- a ten-episode series for Apple+, run by the Weitz Bros, called Murderbot and based on the sci-fi book series by author Martha Wells. (thx Mac)  In it he will play "a self-hacking security android who is horrified by human emotion yet drawn to its vulnerable “clients” [and] must hide its free will and complete a dangerous assignment when all it really wants is to be left alone to watch futuristic soap operas and figure out its place in the universe." Sounds kind of Douglas-Adams-y to me? Anyway I already shot my load on this news (so to speak) -- I'll watch Alex do anything so I'm sold. Easy like that!

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MJL said...

The books are great, but I don't remember Murderbot having a human appearance -- I wonder if he will be CGI or will they retcon Murderbot to pass for human?