Friday, December 01, 2023

Raise Your Arm If You Love Cinema

Heads up -- or I suppose given that photo I should say arms up -- that two movies I reviewed awhile back are both making themselves more accessible today! First up and co-starring the armpit seen above there's Todd Haynes' triumphant tabloid satire May December, which is now on Netflix after a brief theatrical run -- that armpit belongs to the very good and very hot actor Charles Melton, who has been raking in awards for the performance in the film already, alongside Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman. Here is my review of that from NYFF.

And hitting theaters today (although I think it's a limited release) is Eileen, a Highsmithian lesbo romp starring Anne Hathaway and Thomasin Mackenzie that I saw at Sundance -- here is my review at The Film Experience, where I called it the movie that Carol couldn't be. More preciesly I've come to refer to it as of late as "The Pervert's Carol," which tickles me to no end. So along with the new Godzilla movie which I reviewed earlier there are three, count em three, great new movies to watch this weekend, so treat yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Did Melton use a prosthetic in that scene?

Still not convinced that Adam Demos’ was real in that scene in sex/life.

Anonymous said...

Props to C. Thomas Howell.

Anonymous said...

Your review of May December is a masterpiece of clarity. I thank you for your insight. It would be nice to think that everyone involved in the movie reads your review. (And the horrible Ryan Murphy, too.)