Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Bleeding So Good

Yesterday I shared the first poster with you for Love Lies Bleeding, the new movie from Saint Maud director Rose Glass starring Kristen Stewart, saying that all of the words together that I used to describe it were like poetry -- well today as promised the trailer has arrived and it's even more poetry. Seriously. All the hairs on my arms are pointing to the sky this looks so good. From the use of "Smalltown Boy" as its soundtrack to that gorgeous shot seen above that accompanies the film's title at trailer's end this thing has got me hooked and lined and sinkered and then some. I'm (hopefully) seeing it at Sundance in a few weeks and it's my number one! Gimme gimme gimme! The rest of you don't have to wait too long though, as its out in theaters on March 8th. Watch:

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