Friday, November 10, 2023

Good Morning, World

Good Morning, there is a naked Paul Mescal being helped into the bath tub by Saoirse Ronan, world's luckiest woman, in the new movie Foe which you can rent right now on Amazon for twenty dollars. Is it worth twenty dollars? Well that butt certainly is. But the movie? Probably not. It might be better to wait until it's streaming on Prime for free, which will be soon enough. That said I don't think Foe is the disaster its reviews imply -- there are some truly stunning images and both Mescal & Ronan are good. It just never really comes together, which is sad considering all of the fine talent involved (which includes director Garth Davis). I definitely hope Paul & Saoirse try and make another movie together because they have fine chemistry. 

Anyway I do indeed have a few more gifs to share -- this isn't everything from the movie because Paul spends a lot of time in this movie without clothes on and being lightly homoerotic with Aaron Pierre and  uhhhh wait did I just say this movie isn't worth twenty dollars? Yeah never listen to me. Never listen to a single word I say. Just hit the jump for the gifs...

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