Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Double Lover (2017)

Paul: Whoever desires without acting produces decay.

Jeez what a line of dialogue. Perfectly purple prose for a perfectly purple movie. I gotta re-watch Double Lover again soon -- just superbly classy trash. Excellent work from our birthday boy Mr. François Ozon who's turning 56 today! Happy day, Ozon! And this presents us with the perfect excuse to share the trailer for his next movie -- The Crime Is Mine stars Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Rebecca Marder, and Isabelle f'ing Huppert, and it's being released here in the U.S. on Christmas Day. It's a 1930s-set screwball comedy about an actress pretending she murdered a creepy producer just for the tabloid infamy it grants her.

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