Friday, November 17, 2023

Big Week For Glen Buns

All I saw online yesterday in relation to the new trailer for Anyone But You was everybody making fun of the way Sydney Sweeney was flatly delivering her lines, so I didn't bother watching it -- not one single person alerted me to the fact that Glen Powell is naked again in it! What is this world even coming to? I can go 24 full (ass) hours and not know this (full ass) is waiting for me? The Wicked Witch was right -- what a world, what a world. 

Anyway that butt is so nice we're getting a gif AND a still of it -- that's me making up for lost time. And this is of course hot on the heels of Glenn flashing them same buns in Men's Health earlier this week -- big week for Glen buns! Here's the trailer:

Anyone But You is out on December 15th.


Anonymous said...

OK, I take back my straight boy flat ass comment from a couple of days ago. Looks perkier here.

Jason Adams said...

Haha I almost called out the "flat butt" comments in the post itself ;)

This is definitely a more flattering angle though, one that accentuates the butt more than the previous one did. But still yeah that's def not flat!

bdog said...

Anyone BUTT You, amirite?

Anonymous said...

Gift keeps giving. 😋

Anonymous said...

Movie looks silly. But I say yes to that 🍑.