Tuesday, November 07, 2023

All My Nonsense

Sorry for the semi-quietude here today -- I took a long lunch-break where I went and picked up my first batch of Criterions from the just-begun month-long Barnes & Noble sale, including that lovely most perfect ghost movie seen above in resplendant 4K -- that's what I am watching tonight! Have y'all bought anything at the sale yet? Tell me what, if so! Nothing makes me giddier than sexy physical-media talk. (Unless it's Alden Ehrenreich doing the talking in which case -- look out!)

Oh the things I would do to him when the Criterion Closet door closed. Poor Agnes Varda's eyes will be bugging off her box-set cover! Aaaaanyway -- the other thing I have been doing that's not blogging today is listing a bunch of movies and movie ephemera on eBay because my apartment is overflowing with nonsense and I need to get rid of the redundant nonsense. It's really good nonsense though -- beautiful posters and blu-rays and books and vinyl! -- so if anybody wants to buy some of my nonsense there are heaps of said nonsense on sale on eBay right now right here. Please help me scale down so I don't die under my nonsense! (Who am I kidding, that's obviously the way I will die.)


Chip Chandler said...

Well, guess I won't need to hit the B&N Criterion sale after visiting your eBay. ... Oh, who am I kidding? I'll do both.

sissyinhwd said...

I went to B&N on Monday and bought:

There is no end to my love for Criterion.

VRCooper said...

All YOUR Nonsense is what makes you cute!!

Have a great Wednesday.

* Chris Carlisle * said...

Jason, you are offering a *swinging* collection! You'll need to start doing this on an annual basis, just like those Criterion folks.