Monday, October 30, 2023

Pic of the Day

(click to embiggen) I don't know, do you guys think that I will post every single photo of Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott in Andrew Haigh's All of Us Strangers that they release before the movie's release in December? It's a mystery, really... anyway yes there is another one, and a thumbs-up of one indeed. Man I cannot wait for y'all to see this! Here is my review if you'd like to read it beforehand, or again. I got a text from one of my best friends yesterday saying she'd seen the movie at a fest and she was "emotionally devastated" and had a sobbing breakdown in front of a bunch of strangers dressed in Halloween costumes at a festival party while talking about the film, and all of this made perfect sense to me! I too have broken down explaining the film. It's a stunner y'all.

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Robert H said...

Speaking of stunners. Your review brought me to tears. This tops my list of the must-see films of 2023. Thanks.