Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Gays and Lesbians and Drag Queens, Oh My!

A pair of new trailers of note have landed today -- first up above is the trailer for Femme, the knotty queer thriller starring Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (from the Candyman remake) as a drag queen and our boy George Mackay as the closet-case who gay-bashes him. I reviewed this movie at Fantasia earlier this year right here and I genuinely think it's impressive how it twists itself into uneasy complications that will leave a lot of people annoyed and/or angry. People are complicated! Embrace complicated people behaving badly, please, otherwise we're just going to cursed with nothing but genital-less superhero movies for the rest of our days. And speaking of our complications having complications...

... here is the trailer for Eileen, which stars Anne Hathaway as the fresh femme fatale in town and Thomas Mackenzie as the girl who becomes obsessed with her. This movie is a wily one and never quite what you think it's going to be and I very much dug it at Sundance -- here is that review. Femme is coming out on March 22nd (yo this is an early trailer drop!) while Eileen is coming out on December 1st (phew, much sooner!) and you really must see both, says me.

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