Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Vertigo (1958)

Midge: It's wonderful how they've got it all taped now, John. They've got music for dipsomaniacs, and music for melancholiacs, and music for nymphomaniacs. I wonder what would happen if somebody got their files mixed up?

The actress (and Dallas icon) Barbara Bel Geddes was born 101 years ago today -- I was surprised to discover just now whilst searching through my archives that I've been blogging long enough that I did a post when she died in 2005! That was MNPP's first year and I don't usually like linking back to things that far back in the archives but I said what needed to be said then. Her "Midge" in Vertigo is one of my favorite Hitch characters, mostly because of how miserable and defeatist the last moment we see her is. One of the saddest shots in all of cinema!

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Laramie Dean said...

I'm teaching this to my Intermediate Theatre classes -- just watched this scene today! They were bummed to know this was Midge's last scene and we NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. (Unless you watch the deleted scene. Which I show them. And which they routinely despise.)