Monday, October 02, 2023

Beautiful Strangers

Hey everybody! Another week ahead of the New York Film Festival happily gobbling up my hours -- just got out of a back-to-back double-feature and I will be in screenings all day tomorrow. Just popping in to alert you to the fact that I do have a review from the fest live, one I'm very proud of because the movie was worth writing something special -- click here to read my thoughts on Andrew Haigh's All of Us Strangers, starring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal and Jamie Bell and Claire Foy, who are all doing some of if not their very best work on-screen. There's no way this gorgeous tearjerking tour de force doesn't make my favorites of the year, you need to see it the second it's out (which for the record is December 22nd, and yes it is a Christmas movie, sort of), and we all need to make some damned noise to get Andrew Scott an Oscar nomination -- a gay man playing a gay man, dammit! Make some noise.

Anyway I have another review going live tomorrow (here's a hint, it rhymes with "Door Rings") so keep your eyes on Pajiba for that. When I am back on Wednesday (and I'm online that whole day -- it's my only day this week with no screenings) I'll link over to it of course, but who needs to wait an extra 24 hours for your Me Fix??? (Don't answer that.)


bdog said...

I love that pic of him! Where is it from?

Jason Adams said...

It's from a recent Interview Magazine shoot