Thursday, September 14, 2023

Good Morning, World

I know this is exacerbated by the ongoing strike, but I hadn't heard a single word about the new Apple series The Changeling until last night when I turned on my Apple TV and Lakeith Stanfield's face was staring back at me -- this is a problem! And they expect these shows to perform well immediately, after dropping, or they get axed? Streaming is a damn racket, y'all. Anyway here's news you can use -- there is a show called The Changeling that stars Lakeith Stanfield that is on Apple now. Apparently. Don't hold me to that. It might be gone tomorrow, like we all dreamed it. 


AxFromMN said...

Have only watched the first episode so far. First time "blue face" showed up, literally jumped.

I think it's complicated enough for you to love it, and the performances are amazing.

dre said...

Taco meat. Mmmmm