Monday, August 14, 2023

Who You Callin Femme

Another one of my Fantasia Fest 2023 reviews was posted over the weekend -- click over to Mashable to read my long awaited thoughts on Femme, the queer thriller starring Candyman's Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as a drag queen who gets gay-bashed by George MacKay, only to then start an oh so dangerous fling a few months down the road. It wasn't quite the movie I wanted it to be when I first heard about that plot -- I was really hoping for some juicy Paul Verhoeven erotic thriller vibes, but Femme plays it far straighter (so to speak) than that, for both good and a little for ill. I had mixed thoughts basically, although this might be an example of my expectations getting ahead of me. Anyway no date on release for this just yet and no trailer just yet but here is a clip that got released that I've not yet posted to tide you over:

1 comment:

dre said...

So...this movie is about a gay man who KNOWINGLY has an affair with the guy who bashes him? Because gay men lose all senses when it comes to an opportunity to get some straight d**k. That's shameful.

Nahhh, hard pass.