Monday, August 07, 2023

They Call Me Mr Megs

I suppose people in the summers of the 1980s felt about Sylvester Stallone movies and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies the way I do about Jason Statham movies -- it's just not summer without the dumbest possible version of them hitting my local cineplex. And so perhaps I went easy on Meg 2: The Trench in my Pajiba review which went up over the weekend, but I didn't hate it like many critics to be  doing (it's got a pretty dismal RT rating) right now). I think most people were hoping for a smarter dumb movie since Ben Wheatley was inexplicably directing it, but I remain fine with a dumb dumb movie in such instances. I quibbled with some things, like how I really wish they'd have gotten somebody to work on the dialogue, which is abysmal -- one rework on that front would've fixed so many of its issues, I think. But when the gigantic shark fought the gigantic octopus I just stopped caring, and smiled. 

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Shawny said...

Come out Jason...Statham. (Not you JA.)