Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Put It Lives Inside Inside You

I know I say this every time there is a new horror movie coming out but I really recommend not watching the trailer for It Lives Inside... even though I have included it below to tempt you. It seriously gives away too much -- horror trailer salways do but this one's especially egregious. You have been forewarned. Instead why don't you just go read my review of the movie from the Fantasia Festival where it just screened, which went up last night at Mashable right here.  I kept things spoiler-free. And you don't have too long to wait for this one -- Neon is releasing it on September 22nd. And I'll give you the vaguest possible outline -- it's about an Indian American girl who finds out that assimilating into suburbia comes with a price. Doesn't that sound good? It's good!

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