Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Nerd Alert

Hey you! Sorry for the quietude today -- I was finally getting my work computer fixed after a week of nerdy nonsense, and it kept me off of here. But now! All fixed! Kind of. I've got a way fancier computer than the one I had been using before that one crumbled into dust, and I've got to figure out how the fuck this thing works now. The biggest issue is going to be figuring out how to make new banners, since I'd been using an ancient version of Illustrator that my new Mac ain't playin' round with. (If anybody has any good free and easy Illustrator / Photoshop alternatives -- emphasis on free and easy, my favorite words -- please share!) Shrug emoji! We'll figure it out as we go -- for awhile I'll probably be using previously made banners. A greatest hits, if you will. Jesus am I still talking? Anyway tomorrow, besides futzing around with all that, I'll be here, blogging and being my usual nonsense self. A reason to get up in the morning for us all!


Jeffery said...

When my old iMac dies it will take both illustrator and photoshop with it. I am not going to pay for a subscription for both yearly.

Looking up online for alternatives this page came up.


You will have to see if they are compatible with your OS.

Anonymous said...

For Photoshop: pixlr.com/e

Dan said...

Affinity makes Adobe-equivalent software - it isn't free but it's MUCH more affordable and no subscription required. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/