Thursday, August 10, 2023

Meet The Count

And speaking of vampires! I'm sure somebody knew this was a thing but I didn't have a single solitary clue that Pablo Larraín, the phenomenal director of Jackie and Spencer and Ema and No, had headed back down to his homeland of Chile to make us a vampire movie called El Conde (The Count). (Maybe if I'd paid attention to the Venice fest line-up I would have but I didn't dso I didn't.) The film imagines the real world fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet as a Dracula like figure, isolated in a crumbling gothic mansion in a rural nowhere place, when an "accountant" with a briefcase full of wooden stakes comes a'knocking.

It looks visually  magnificent -- some of those shots of figures whirling through the sky in black and white are jaw-dropping. I'm glad I live here in NYC because I will probably get the chance to see this on a big screen, thanks to Netflix owning the Paris Theater here -- it really looks like it will demand a big screen. And it's not a long wait, as this hits "select theaters" and Netflix itself on September 15th! 

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