Wednesday, August 16, 2023

[Insert Womp Womp Here]

Hey everybody sorry for the absence today -- my work computer crashed (again) and only just decided here at the very end of the day to allow me back on after I spent the past eight hours trying every trick in the book to make it so. Fun, fun times. Anyway if it's working when I get in tomorrow maybe I'll actually post things? That'd be nuts, right? To be honest every second that I am typing on it right now I'm expecting the screen to go black -- the fact that I have a Mac from 2011 (I didn't realize it was that old until today, talking to my office's off-site tech people) is not promoting hope inside of my heart that things will keep clicking along for too long. And here I was having a very good week until today! Hrmm.

ETA Just an update that I might not be posting today either -- my work computer's still down. I do have my laptop with me but I'm mostly working on trying to figure out what to do with my work computer. But do stay tuned, I know this is a thrill for all of you.


Anonymous said...

The Always Beautiful Jude.

Can we talk about Jeremy Irvine’s nude IG post.

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Anonymous said...

My 2011 Mac just died 3 weeks ago, so it looks like the end is near. I got the failed boot up with the question mark folder of death (sad face). Had to remove the hard drive to get my files. I feel your pain.

Shawny said...

AI, I've been watching it in bits when I get time, on the Criterion app. One of my favorites.