Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Hey Movie Lovers

Documentarian Mark Cousins' 15-part doc called The Story of Film, made across a decade starting in 2011 and telling (you guessed it) the story of film, has been on my watch-list for awhile now. And hey whaddya know thankfully I'm in luck -- Music Box Films put the whole shebang out onto blu-ray just yesterday! You can buy it right here (although they're temporarily out of stock as of this exact minute) -- the trailer is down below. Has anybody seen these? I have only heard great things; I'm thinking I might binge it over the holiday weekend. What else am I gonna do? Move off the couch? Pshaw.


Shawny said...

Jason, I think you will enjoy this. Mark is a bit ocd, but the big picture he created was/is industry changing.

Anonymous said...

I saw this while in film school and it basically was more complete that what I learned in film school