Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Good Morning, Killer

As surmised when we got the poster yesterday, the trailer for David Fincher's The Killer arrived this morning -- and yes, that's a shot of Michael Fassbender from it above. As if I wasn't giffing that immediately. Although, knowing what we all know about Michael Fassbender, well... I just feel as if something has been stolen from us in that shot. Something appears to be missing! Anyway! Moving on. The trailer, unsurprisingly, kicks ass and makes me want to see this movie twice as fast as I wanted to see it before and that was already warp speed. So double warp speed please! Watch:

Quite honestly doesn't Michael Fassbender seem like the Perfect David Fincher Actor though? It didn't really occur to me until watching this -- he's handsome obviously, but in a sort of creepy, decrepit way. (This is not meant as an insult -- all of those words appeal to me.) The sinister is just baked right into him. And he seems like the kind of masochist who would welcome Fincher's infamous shoot-everything-five-thousand-times approach, too. A match made in cinema heaven, I think. The Killer is out in theaters on October 28th and then hits Netflix on November 10th so let's all assume the position...

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