Thursday, July 13, 2023

We Are All The Bear

With the heat and with my birthday about to strike in two days my brain has been elsewhere this week -- where I don't know; if you find it send it back this way. Anyway focusing has not been my friend -- I'm usually a bit sloppy the week before my birthday. It makes me anxious, even though I truly honestly believe that caring about growing older is the lamest behavior in the world. I welcome old age! I have been looking forward to being an old man since I was five-years-old. Point being -- and yes I apparently have one -- I haven't had a whole lot to say this week on here. But I thought of a thing that maybe you will find interesting and worth a comment! I watched the first season of The Bear!

Yeah if you follow me on the social media places you know that already. But if you don't, now you do. Know I watched the first season of The Bear, I mean. And yes, I did indeed like it. I have not started the second season yet, because now that I'm caught up the boyfriend and I will have to start watching it together and that takes coordination. And see above, with regards to my ability to coordinate shit this week. But anyway if we've got some Bear fans here in the house I finally care about your opinions about the show! So share some in the comments. I will start with what I believe is a controversial thought (and this is a thought I am stealing from my boyfriend but he kept saying it until I too believed it): Marcus is a annoying fucking character who spends all of his time off dilly-dallying on frosting while everybody else is working themselves ragged. Dude needs to step it up!


Anonymous said...

Damn right Ayo is a star! Except for Sydney, pretty much every character on the show annoyed the hell out of me. So I was surprised to find myself growing to love them over the course of the series (even moreso in Season 2). No one is irredeemable. Love love love this show.

Anonymous said...

Love The Bear! While I don't think Marcus is annoying, I definitely think he needs some more professional maturity. When Carm snapped at him, I kind of agreed. Like, dude, Marcus, look at everything going on around you. Pay attention.