Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Problemista Child

I wasn't really familiar with Julio Torres when I sat down to watch Problemista at NewFest last month -- I vaguely knew he'd written for SNL and that he was the brains behind that Los Espookys show, but I'd never seen that show and I have only watched maybe five episodes of SNL in the past ten years. (Although I had seen Torres' most infamous SNL skit "Wells for Boys" of course -- I'm not an ingrate.) So point being -- I was going to see Problemista for Tilda Swinton. Ninety minutes later Torres had gained a great big new homosexual fan -- this will easily be one of the best and funniest films of 2023, and one I plan on re-watching so many times I can quote it top to bottom. It's hysterical, incredible, forthwith iconic. And we now have a trailer!

Mark your calendars -- the MNPP-approved Problemista
is out in cinema theaters on August the 4th.


Louise said...

Los Espookys is a good time! Funny & strange with terrific performances (except for Fred Armisen’s, but I’m not a fan of his, so your mileage may vary)

Anonymous said...

He’s hysterical. Took me a second to get on his wavelength for his special “My Favorite Shapes” but it’s very charming. And Los Espookys is terrific.

Ryan T. said...

I think you would be into Los Espooky's brand of gothic weirdness.