Monday, July 10, 2023

He's a Barbie Boy

The internet is coming for me hard today! (Word choice.) I just spent an hour making gifs out of Lee Pace's naked Foundation fight scene, and here suddenly the second I'm done there's a "Just Ken" trailer cut for Barbie, chockfull of Ryan Gosling and the other assorted Kens (Simu!) from Greta Gerwig's film being hot and gay-ish. 

(thx Mac) Well I'm sorry I don't have it in me to spend another hour giffing today so you'll just have to make do with watching the video. The movie's out in a week and a half, you can go watch the movie on the big screen and see...

... all of the sights writ two stories tall, baby!
For now, just enlarge this and pretend:

Barbie drops on July 21st! be there or be... just be there.

1 comment:

Shawny said...

I thought it said Metallica on Ken's belt buckle or whatever that is. But it's just "Ken".