Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Happy InDePlaidPants Day 2023!

This is one of our sillier traditions here at MNPP -- as if anything is done here with a straight face -- but for the past four years now, thanks to an off-hand comment from a reader, I have posted a gallery of actors wearing plaid pants a la this site's name and re-dubbed July 4th "InDePlaidPants Day." Because patriotism is stupid, but hot guys looking sharp is anything but. It's a smaller gallery than usual this year (and weirdly very black-and-white), but no less quality! Hit the jump and enjoy your sartorial independence...


VRCooper said...

Love to see a guy in a good pair of tailored plaid pants.

Great if the lines are matched up and complement the wearer. Lots of great styles, colors, and patterns out there.

Please, just drape the body. I don't need to see how tight you can wear the pant without exploding. If I can see your religion-Goggle it-then they are too tight. That goes for the backside-cake. One false move and it's over. And the skinny, skinny leg look just does not look right. Can you move, can you sit, can your junk breathe. Remember, a simple drape will do fine. And make sure the rise is right for your body type. Your pants should rest at your hip, not below your belly button with a backside looking like you just had an accident.

And guys PLEASE stop with the hands in the pockets look. It ruins the cut of the trousers. When I was in the military if you couldn't keep your hands out of your pockets they were sewed shut.

Take pride in how you look.

PS-I am waiting every day for the sneakers and slacks look to go away. I am sure I can find you a pair of shoes-causal, dress-that will be just as good as a pair of sneakers.

Love Hard Male Nipples 1 said...

I Will Like To Wish All Of You Americans (Happy Fourth Of July) Since Being Canadian We Had That Already (Saturday July 1st) As For The Fashion It Is Ok. Although Some (Loose Open Unbuttoned Shirts) Is Also Ok For Every Once In Awhile

( ♏🦂☮☯)

Jake said...

Hard pass 👎🤢

Laramie Dean said...

I thought of you and your blog tonight while watching HAIRSPRAY and very much enjoying Link Larkin's plaid pants.